Cards Compromised at Rock Hill Bank ATMs


ROCK HILL, SC – Dozens of people had their ATM cards skimmed at banks in Rock Hill. Victims had no idea until they discovered money missing from their accounts.

“You don’t think twice about it really. I mean not right off. You just do you business and go about your way,” explains Clover, SC resident Beverly Plunk.

Investigators say two men seen in surveillance photos be part of an organized group of Romanian refugees placing skimmers on bank ATMs.

Investigators say 40 people had their information compromised at a First Citizens Bank on Herlong Avenue in March 19th.

The bank only recently learned about it.

“They really weren’t aware that it happened until they started getting calls that people were saying, ‘Hey I’m missing money out of my account,” says Capt. Mark Bolligner with Rock Hill Police.

The first picture shows a man police say placed a skimmer on the ATM around 7:30 in the morning.
Another man comes to retrieve it at 5:30 after the bank had closed.

The two men are also suspected of placing skimmers the same day at Arrow Pointe Federal Credit Union off Celanese Road.

“It makes me very nervous. You know, you can’t feel safe with nothing,” Plunk says.

Police say the stolen card numbers were used to get money at banks in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

Rock Hill resident Albert Mickels says unfortunately it’s hard to avoid.

“You got people that just lay around and practice on how to scam,” Mickels says.

Police say it’s always a good idea to use a simple test before inserting.

“You need to just grab that thing and rattle it. Because if it’s been attached, it’s going to come off in your hand,” Bollinger says.