LOL Wut?!

LOL Wut!? - "Lady" Films

"Wonder Woman" has been a huge hit at the box office and the first superhero blockbuster for a female director.  But is it patronizing to refer to the film as a 'female' superhero movie? … continue reading ›

LOL Wut!? - Plus Size Labeling

The fashion industry is slowly moving towards more varied sizes and diverse advertising campaigns, but is categorizing clothing as 'plus sized' doing more harm than good?  Just Jess sounds off in this week's LOL… continue reading ›

LOL Wut?! Charlotte's Disappearing Act

Charlotte is growing which means developers are seeing dollar signs on neighborhoods with character.  Often, unique local businesses are knocked down to make way for cookie-cutter apartment complexes or office buildings.  Just Jess and Derek James speak their minds on… continue reading ›


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