No 'Magic Bullet' Against Jihadist Propaganda, Lynch Says

The Orlando massacre at a popular gay nightclub shows no one yet has "found the magic bullet" to prevent Americans from being inspired to violence by jihadist propaganda on the Internet, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Tuesday as she visited a city still shaken by the shootings.

Trump: US Should Consider Profiling Muslims

Donald Trump is suggesting the United States should "seriously" consider profiling Muslims inside the country as a terrorism-fighting tool, the latest example of the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting increasingly backing positions that could single out a group based on its religion.

First Look at Shanghai Disneyland

CNN's Matt Rivers got to spend a day at Shanghai Disneyland and see how the company is making its theme park experience more relevant for Chinese visitors.

CIA Chief: IS Working To Send Operatives To The West

CIA Director John Brennan will tell Congress on Thursday that Islamic State militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for further attacks on the West and will rely more on guerrilla-style tactics to compensate for their territorial losses.

Obama: 'Our Mission Is To Destroy ISIL'

President Obama speaks to the media regarding the progress made in the fight against ISIS. "ISIL is on defense," said Obama, using another acronym for the terror group.

Maria Sharapova Suspended For Two Years For Doping

Maria Sharapova was suspended from tennis for two years Wednesday for testing positive for meldonium at the Australian Open, and immediately responded by saying she would appeal the decision to sport's highest court.

EgyptAir Plane Resumes Flight To China After Bomb Threat

An EgyptAir aircraft that made an emergency landing on Wednesday in Uzbekistan following a bomb threat has resumed its flight to Beijing, Egyptian officials said, the latest in a series of deadly or damaging air travel incidents involving Egypt.

Child Demolishes $15K Lego Statue

Within the first hour of the expo in China, a young boy pushed over a human-sized sculpture and sent its pieces toppling to the ground, according to state-run CCTV.



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