Mueller Using Grand Jury in D.C. in Russia Probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using a grand jury in Washington as part of an investigation into potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, a person familiar with the probe says.

Trump Lawyer: No Reason To Think Trump’s Under Investigation

A lawyer for President Donald Trump said he has no information to suggest the president is under federal investigation amid a report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using a grand jury as part of his probe into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

U.S. Air Force Test-Launches Missile

As tensions between the US and North Korea continue to rise, the US Air Force test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile to show its ability to defend itself.

AP Fact Check: Trump Immigration Pitch on Shaky Ground

President Donald Trump’s endorsement of legislation to restrict and reshape legal immigration is based on some shaky assumptions, such as the idea that low-wage green-card holders are flooding in to take jobs from Americans.

Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill

President Donald Trump signed into law Wednesday morning legislation that levies new sanctions against Russia and restricts Trump's own ability to ease sanctions in place against Moscow, a White House official said.

Does No Mean No in North Carolina?

A couple sentence fix would resolve what many perceive is a dangerous, and embarrassing, loophole in North Carolina rape law. That, from the state senator who has put forward the bill now, twice. Now, a clearer understanding of why the bill has yet to move.



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