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To Many Americans, Memorial Day Has Lost Its Meaning

While millions of Americans celebrate the long Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer — think beaches and backyard barbecues, mattress sales and sporting events — some veterans and loved ones of fallen military members wish the holiday that honors more than 1 million people who died serving their country would command more respect. continue reading ›

Trump Meeting with G-7 Leaders After Going on Offensive

In the Middle East, President Donald Trump was feted with pageantry, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel seemingly in competition to outdo the other with the warmth of their welcomes and the depth of their pledges of cooperation. But in Europe, Trump has faced a far cooler reception and has been eager to go on the offensive. continue reading ›

Man Who Raped His Sister Gets Probation

A 20-year-old California man who pleaded guilty to raping his drugged younger sister was granted probation and is expected to serve just four months in jail, a sentence that the prosecutor says is worse than that given to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. continue reading ›

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