AP-NORC Poll: Americans of All Stripes Say Fix Health Care

Sylvia Douglas twice voted for President Barack Obama and last year cast a ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton. But when it comes to “Obamacare,” she now sounds like President-elect Donald Trump. This makes her chuckle amid the serious choices she faces every month between groceries, electricity and paying a health insurance bill that has jumped by nearly $400.

Leaking pipe found at Allen Steam Station

Coal ash concerns ignite after a newly discovered leak from a ‘so called’ secret pipe at the Allen Steam Station in Belmont. The Catawba Riverkeeper says he spotted the pipe during an inspection. Neighbors still living off of bottle water are fuming.

House Call: Exercising in the Winter

From what to wear to how cold is too cold, Novant Health has some tips on exercising outside.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from exercising outside! If you like to exercise outside, it’s tempting to just soldier through colder weather without changing your routine too much.

The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Luke Kuechly

One of the best football players in the game talked to the media for the first time Wednesday, since his high profile concussion in November. He and Morgan met, one on one, beforehand, to talk about his health and what’s next.

Men’s Health: Holiday Eat This, Not That

It can be easy to pack on the Holiday pounds. Here are some tips on how to pick the best options.

For some, the Holidays means weeks and sometimes months of poor eating. We’re telling you how to avoid that.