The Flash “The Present”

Barry finds it difficult to focus on the Christmas holiday with the threat of Alchemy and Savitar still looming on The Flash, tonight at 8pm on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow “Invasion!”

The Heroes v Aliens 4 night Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow crossover event concludes tonight!

The Legends, Supergirl, The Flash and Green Arrow join forces in an effort to put a stop to the Dominators plan for the world in the fourth and final part of the Heroes v Aliens crossover event, on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, tonight at 8pm on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW.

Supernatural “Rock Never Dies”

While acting as rock musician Vince Vincente, Lucifer recognizes the power he has over Vincente’s loyal fans and decides to kill them all on Supernatural, tonight at 9pm on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW.

Arrow “Invasion!”

Oliver wakes up to a seemingly perfect life where he never got The Queen’s Gambit, Robert and Moira Queen are alive and his wedding is quickly approaching. Heroes v Aliens four night crossover event continues on Arrow tonight at 8pm on WCCB, Charlotte’s CW.