Northwest School of the Arts Student Pleads Guilty, Remains On ICE Hold

UPDATE: Gustavo “Gus” Zamudio plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge in court Tuesday.  Zamudio was arrested on a felony larceny charge after officials say he stole money from a Harris Teeter that he worked at in Charlotte.

Zamudio’s lawyer says he paid full restitution to Harris Teeter so the charge was dropped to a misdemeanor and a judge granted a prayer for judgment in the case.

Zamudio is still in federal custody on an immigration hold.  There is no word when he will face an immigration judge.

CHARLOTTE, NC – A senior at Northwest School of the Arts has been detained by ICE after a felony arrest.

Gustavo Zamudio, known as “Gus” is being held at Stewart Detention Center in Georgia.

“Really sweet, down to earth. Would do anything for anybody,” explains friend and classmate Devyn Bauer.

Zamudio turned 18 last month. Friends say he was born in Mexico and has been in the U.S. for 12 years.

They say he had been protected under DACA, but ICE detained him after he was recently arrested on a felony charge.

Friends tell WCCB Charlotte he’s accused of stealing from a Harris Teeter where he worked, but he denies those charges.

“I mean.. I’ve known him since like my first day of school at Northwest,” says friend Mario.

He says he’s worried what will happen if Zamudio is deported.

“That’s mostly what breaks my heart. That I, maybe I will not see my friend again,” Mario says.

“He does have family in Mexico. But they’re not very close. He doesn’t know really anything of Mexico,” Bauer explains.

In the meantime, friends have started a Go Fund Me page to support him.

“We will always be there for him. We will always have his back. And we will always be ready to help him, whatever he needs,” Mario says.

An ICE spokesperson tells WCCB Charlotte they will have more details of the arrest available Monday.