Sheriff Says No Charges Will Be Filed Against Rock Hill Club Owner Who Killed Patron

UPDATE: Officials say no charges will be filed against the owner of the Hideaway Club after he shot and killed a patron in January.

Sheriff Kevin Tolson stated “After a thorough review of the facts and circumstances surrounding the shooting, both the Sheriff’s Office and the Solicitor’s office concluded that the shooting was a justified act of legal self-defense.”

Sheriff Tolson also stated that, “After weighing the accounts of more than 40 witnesses, it was determined that 76-year-old Elijah McClendon “Mac” Teal was unlawfully assaulted by 28-year-old Christopher Michael Elkins.”

Investigators say the shooting happened on January 15th after Elkins and a group of friends got into an altercation inside the Hideaway Club and were asked to leave the building.

Elkins and his friends went to the parking lot but later returned to the club to get personal property.  Police say Teal, the owner of the Hideaway Club, lawfully refused to allow Elkins to reenter the business.

Elkins then violently and unlawfully struck Teal in the head, according to a news release.  Police say Teal drew a firearm that he was lawfully carrying and fired two shots.  One of the bullets struck Elkins in the right front ribcage area and he later died from the injury.

Sheriff Tolson said that forensic testing assisted investigators in corroborating Teal’s account of events.

“While the death of Mr. Elkins was certainly unfortunate, the investigation clearly supported the exercising of Mr. Teal’s right of self-defense both under the statutory and common law of South Carolina,” said Solicitor Kevin Brackett. “A business owner has no duty to retreat when attacked at their place of business and the disparity between the ages and physical conditions of Mr. Teal and Mr. Elkins reasonably placed Mr. Teal in fear of suffering serious injury at the hands of Elkins.”

Police also released the following photos of the injuries Teal reportedly sustained.

ROCK HILL, SC – Protesters gathered outside a Rock Hill club Saturday night, where the owner shot and killed a customer last month.

The protesters say they want the owner of the Hideaway Club charged with murder.

Investigators say 76-year-old Mack Teal shot 28-year-old Chris Elkins early on the morning of January 15th.

Elkins later died at the hospital.

Teal told York County Deputies Elkins and his friends were told to leave after a fight.

Teal says Elkins assaulted him while trying to get back inside, so he shot him.

Elkins’ fiance says he was just going back to get her purse.

“The man who owns this bar is claiming self-defense, which is not true. I watched it happen. He had both of his hands in the air and then he shot at him again as he was running away,” says Elkins’ fiance Treasure Nalley.